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TV Klan Albania Live StreamTV Klan is a Tirana, Albania based private television channel. TV Klan Albania Live Stream was launched on 25 October 1997 in Albania with national coverage. TV Klan is a project of Media 6 group with other television channels, Radio Klan, and ABC News (Albania) and Klan Kosova (Kosovo).

It is available by DigitAlb in south-east Europe. TV Klan channel is famous for their political talk shows and entertainment show. Some favourite shows are Gjeniu I Vogël, Këngët e Shekullit, Opinion, KëngaIme, Dance with Me, Zonë e Lirë, X Factor Albania and E DielaShqiptare. ISO ranked the TV Klan as highest rated television channel in Albania in 2002 with 21.5 % viewers.  In 2006 It was available about 60% of Albania territory.

On 4 March 2002, TV Klan began the 24 hours transmission in HD without additional charges.  It was the first Albania television channel which was owned a satellite news gathering broadcasting studio.

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Watch TV Klan Albania online free streaming and it is one of the most popular TV channel based in Albania. You can watch 24/7 hours live transmission.

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It’s your Klan!General Information

Sr. No Contents Details
1 Launched Date 25 October 1997
2 Owner Media 6 AleksandërFrangaj (40%) Ervin Gjikola (20%) Alba Gina (40%)
3 Country Albania
4 Headquarter Tirana, Albania
5 Broadcast area Albania Southeastern Europe
6 Picture Format 16:9 (1080i) HDTV 16:9 (576i) SDTV
7 Sister Channels ABC News Albania Klan Kosova


TV Klan Albania Live Stream produced the following programs which include talk shows, entertainment & musical shows and many drama series.

Sr. No Programs Category
1 Opinion Talk show
2 Euroklan News
3 Lufta e Nuseve Reality show
4 Dance with me Competition/talent show
5 Këngët e Shekullit Musical show
6 Xing me Ermalin Talk show
7 Jo Vetëm Mode (Not Only Mode) Entertainment show
8 Nacional Bingo Game show
9 Takimi i Pasdites Talk show
10 E dielaShqiptare (Sunday Albanian) Family program
11 X Factor Albania Singing competition show
12 Aldo Morning Show Morning show
13 Gjeniu i Vogël Talent program
14 Rudina Talk show
15 Stop Satirical show
16 Your Face Sounds Familiar Reality television franchise series
17 KëngaMagjike Musical award show
18 Zonë e Lirë (Free Zone) Talk show
19 KëngaIme Musical program
20 Eatugrul Television series
21 Sararsvaticandra Drama series
22 NJE PJESE E IMJA (Part of me) Drama series
23 Fate teKryqezuara (Fate Cross) Drama series
24 Arrethyseiteater per femije (Nutcracker theater for children) Children program
25 SHTEPIAKE TE DESHPERUARA (Desperate Housewives) Drama series
26 Bidaai Television series
27 DUAJE JETEN (Dwight LIFE) Drama series
28 VJET MUZIKE nata 12 the best (100 YEARS OF MUSIC 12 the best nigh) Musical Program

International Programs broadcast By TV Klan

Sr. NO Programs Category
1 Heronjtë (Heroes) Science/fiction drama serieal
2 Anatomia e Grejit (Grey’s Anatomy) Medical /Romantic drama
3 JetasipasXhimit (According to Jim) American sitcom
4 Superlibri (Superbook) Animated children television series
5 MenekshedheHalili Turkish melodrama
6 LigjdheRregull: SVU (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) Crime television series
7 Fundi (Son) Psychological / thriller series
8 Kara Para Aşk Mystery drama series
9 Gruaja e Mirë (The Good wife) Political drama
10 Ezel Crime drama series

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