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BBC Parliament

BBC Parliament TV Channel is a British channel owned by British Broadcasting Corporation. It was launched 24 years ago in 1992 as Parliamentary Channel and formerly it is known with this name. The network gives live coverage to House of Lords, House of Commons, Scottish Parliament, Select Committees and Northern Ireland assembly. Recorded coverage of these programs also broadcast from it. You can see it is a political channel and UK people watch it more than three minutes at least once in a week. BBC Parliament formerly produced the different current affairs program for BBC like The Record Europe, Straight talk, Dateline London.

BBC Parliament is shown on the anniversaries of major events and gives particular importance to major events in the United Kingdom and all over the world. One of the best channel for political taste people.


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Watch BBC Parliament News Live Stream

Here you can watch 24/7 hours the television channel BBC Parliament News online streaming in HD quality. Enjoy 24/7 hours transmission.

Latest Programs Schedule

BBC Parliament News Live StreamThe channel was launched with a name of The Parliamentary channel in 1992 by United Artists Cable. At that time it is funded by British cable operators consortium. BBC purchased the channel in 1998 and renamed it as BBC Parliament n 23 September 1998. It also runs an audio service until 30 October 2002 via DAB known as Free view due to capacity limitations. Then from October 2002 it able to run a quarter screen picture until 13 November 2006.

It was unique among BBC channels as it used non-BBC facilities Current identity of the channel introduced in 2009 as a process of BBC News output. BBC Two start broadcasting BBC Parliament on 5 September 2016 during BBC Two’s overnight downtime.

Programs Schedule

BBC Parliament broadcast a broad range of news, current affairs and political program the entire week. It shows face to face discussion live from Parliament.the channel also show the recorded coverage of programs from BBC ‘s national and international channels. Schedule of the entire week given in the table.

Sr. NoProgramsTiming
1Westminster HallMonday 6:00 AM & Friday 5:15 AM
2Select CommitteeMonday, Tuesday &Wednesday 9:30 AM Friday 6:00 PM
3Business QuestionsMonday 1:40 PM & Thursday 10:30 AM
4House of CommonsMonday 2:30 PM Tuesday 12:30 PM Wednesday 11:30 AM Thursday& Friday 9:30 AM
5Monday in Parliament11:00 PM
6Northern Ireland AssemblyMonday 11:30 PM& Saturday 7:00 AM
7Daily PoliticsMonday -Friday12:05 AM
8House of LordsMonday-Friday 1:15 AM
9Tuesday in Parliament11:00 PM
10Welsh first minister questionsTuesday 11:30 PM
11Wednesday in Parliament11:00 PM
12Prime minister questionsWednesday 11:30 PM &12:00 PM Friday 11:30 PM
13Thursday in Parliament11:00 PM
14Lord Questions11:30 PM
15Plaid Cymru 2016:Leader speechFriday 3:00 PM
16This week in ParliamentFriday 11:00 PM
17Scottish ParliamentSaturday 6:00 AM
18Welsh AssemblySaturday 4:45 PM & Sunday 6:45 AM
19HardtalkSaturday 8:20
20BookTalkSaturday& Sunday 8:45
21European ParliamentSaturday 10:05
22Politics EuropeSaturday 11:00
23EorpaSaturday 11:30
24Washington JournalSunday 1:40
25The viewSunday 3:30
26Sunday Politics ScotlandSunday 4:10
27Sunday Politic Northern IrelandSunday 4:50
28The Andrew Marr showSunday 7:00


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