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BBC Two News UK

BBC Two News UK is working with the British Broadcasting Corporation and second television channel in the United Kingdom by BBC. Unlike BBC One it broadcast more highbrow programs. The channel funded by television license and one of a well-funded public network in the U.K. It launched on 20 April 1964. It has the high percentage of audience share as compared to others public networks, and it is a commercial free channel. Broadcasting areas of the BBC2 are Ireland and the United Kingdom. Formerly it is known as BBC2.

It is the single U.K public service without national variations. BBC Two was called Terrestrial Channel of the year at Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival 2012. This channel mainly produced a broad range of knowledge building programs like nature, travel documentaries, arts programs, etc.

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Programming and Schedule

BBC Two Live StreamOriginally styled BBC2 Live Stream was launched on 20 April 1964. Another channel initiated by British television was ITV which was a competitor of this channel. But ITV lacked the serious programming, and third television station award given to BBC. It started color transmission on 1 July 1967 and Europe first television channel which began broadcasting in color.The channel renamed as BBC Two on 3 October 1997. The station formerly on air the entertainment programs. It started to use the computer generated logo in 1986. On 26 March 2013, HD simulcast of BBC Two channel launched.

BBC Two Programming

BBC Two broadcast news, current affairs, documentaries and different drama series. It also broadcast a wide variety of cooking shows. Schedule of weekdays and weekend programs are given in the table below. News program and some programs are presented on weekdays and weekends as well.

Weekdays Programs

Sr. No Programs Timing Category
1 Cowboys and Angels 6:00 AM Music program
2 Thief Trackers Monday 6:45 Mini television series
3 Going back Giving Back 7:15 Documentary series
4 Victoria Derbyshir 9:00 Current Affairs and debate program
5 BBC newsroom Live 11:00 News
6 Daily politics 12:00 PM Politics discussion program
7 Countryfile 1:00 News about countryside people life
8 The Edge 1:15 Thrill/drama
9 Hi-de-Hi 2:00 Sitcom
10 Yes Prime Minister 2:30 British Sitcom
11 To the Manor Born 3:00 Sitcom
12 Restoration Home 3:30 Television series
13 Flog It 4:30 Antique show
14 Eggheads 6:00 Game show
15 Strictly it takes two 6:30 Family film
16 The FA Cup 7:00 Sports program
17 Great British Menu 7:30 Cooking show
18 University Challenge 8:00 Academic quiz program
19 Only Connect 8:30 Game series
20 The Victorian slum 9:00 Reality show
21 Morgana Robinson’s the Agency 10:00 Comedy show
22 News night 10:30 News
23 Claimed and Shamed Tuesday-Friday 6:30 AM Documentary series
24 Coast Tuesday 8:00 Television series about travel
25 Earth flight Tuesday-Friday 4:15 PM Nature documentary
26 Mary berry’s Foolproof cooking Tuesday 7:00 Cooking show
27 NFL This week Tuesday 11:15 Sports Program
28 Great Continental Railway Journey Tuesday 10:00 Travel Documentary
29 Later with Jools Holland Tuesday & Friday 11:00 Entertainment show
30 The Apprentice Tuesday 1:05 AM Thursday 10:00 PM British reality show
31 Simply Nigella Wednesday & Friday 7:00 Food show
32 No place to call home Wednesday 9:00 Documentary series
33 The premier leagues show Wednesday 10:00 Sports program
34 Some mothers do ave em Thursday & Friday 2:15 British sitcom
35 The Fall Thursday 9:00 British drama series
36 Comedy feeds Thursday 11:15 Comedy series

Weekend Programs

Sr. No Programs Timing Category
1 Till the end of time Saturday 6:00 AM Music program
2 Coast 7:45 Travel documentary
3 Wuthering Heights 8:45 Drama series
4 Lost land of the Jaguar 11:00 Nature documentary
5 Lorraine’s fast fresh and easy food 12:00 PM Cooking show
6 Dad’s army 8:30 Comedy show
7 The Talented Mr Ripley 10:30 Thrill/Drama
8 MOTD2 Extra Sunday 12:15 Football show
9 The Magdalene sisters Sunday 12:00 AM Thrill/drama
10 Mock the Week Sunday 10:00 PM British game show

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