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CNN is one of America’s favorite News Network, said to be ranked # 1 news channel around the country. CNN/U.S is an America based international news station owned by Turner Broadcasting System which is a division of AT& T’s WarnerMedia. The foundation of the station goes back to 1980 when Ted Turner materialized his idea and launched a 24×7 news provider. Turner in result became the first man to begin a 24×7 and full-time news channel in the United States. With some affiliates, Cable News Network mainly disseminates its stuff from Time Warner Center in NY City, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C.

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You can watch CNN News Live Stream 24/7 in Full HD. It keeps you updated on any breaking news accessible from your smartphone. And best for those who can’t afford cable expenses. Cable News Network, Inc is the owner of all rights in the trademark and copyrights. at LiveNewsMag we don’t own any content, the below video is a live preview of the channel, you can visit the official website for more details.

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CNN News Live Stream The official developers providing a separate application for android, windows and also for IOS devices. CNN Live Stream owned by Turner Broadcasting company. Currently, CNN is the most viewed channel in the USA, providing the best coverage which is based on truth and reality. The headquarters are located at the CNN Center in Atlanta and are solely used for programming during weekends. It has availability to 100m U.S. households and 890,000 American Hotel rooms as of Aug 2010. Canadian viewers can have the domestic American station through subscription. The July 2015 stats show the reach to 96, 374,000 pay-tv households in U.S. CNN International acts as the international sibling of the station and reaches across the globe in 212 countries.

CNN History

On the launch of CNN on June 1, 1980, husband and wife team David Walker and Lois Hart jointly hosted the first newscast. The VP, Burt Reinhardt would hire first 200 employees of the station which included the first news anchor Bernard Shaw. Since making its debut, the station has expanded its reach to satellite TV providers, closed-circuit channels and many websites. The 42 bureaus include 11 domestic and 31 international and source the news to 900 affiliated local channels. Several regional and foreign language networks also partner with the private station to get global news.

The success and expansion of the station helped its founder Ted Turner to acquire Turner Broadcasting System in 1996. Not long after the launch of CNN, on Jan 1, 1982, a sister CNN2 was introduced by the company to broadcast 30-minute news broadcasts round the clock. The channel was later spun off to CNN Headline News and then HLN to focus on live news coverage and personality-based programming.
Highlighted Events

CNN covered the first Persian Gulf War in 1991 and made its mark among Big Three as it was the only American channel to include the situation from inside Iraq from Al-Rashid Hotel in Baghdad.

September 11 Attacks

Cable News Network the first station to break the unfortunate news of the September 11 attacks to the World with Anchor Carol Lin delivering the first report of the devastating event.

2016 U.S. Election
Once again the live coverage of US Presidential Election was fruitful for the station as the channel picked up its most-watched year since its birth. The unedited coverage of the Trump’s campaigns and proportionally low coverage to Republican candidates in Republican Primaries drew criticism for the channel from the supporters of the respective candidates.

Trump’s Firing Remarks

Trump – in a speech at 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference – as a very honest critic of the CNN showed his humor by jokingly terming CNN as “Clinton News Network”. In Jan 2017, the Presidential nominee in a press conference showed his refusal to take a question from CNN reporter Jim Acosta, referring the commercial station as “Fake News” following the CNN’s reporting on a classified dossier allegedly obtained by the Russian government.
AT&T Acquisition
On June 2, 2018, CNN was officially acquired by an AT&T, and the deal was closed to days later.

Famous Shows

They are so many different shows which are quite famous such as one of the most famous Larry King life, crossfire, Sanjay Gupta MD, Fareed Zikriya GPS, crossfire and much more. The award-winning network claims to be the most trusted news network on the planet. providing the coverage in more than 212 countries. On September 11 when a terrible event happened, the channel was covering top to bottom reality.

Coverage of News Events

They provide the clearest high definition online streaming. The channel has different branches in the various countries. CNN live channel is one of the leading network all over the globe. You can watch it Live through satellite, cable, and internet.Take a look at  Programs schedule.


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