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BBC Four is a British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) introduced a new British channel on 2 March 2002 BBC Four. It is based in U.K and available on Cable, Satellite, Freeview and IPTV for digital television viewers. The channel shows a broad range of programs which includes music, current affairs, dramas, documentaries, comedy series and international films and act as an alternative to leading TV channels. It presents the transmission from 7:00 PM – 4:00 AM.

The channel broadcast 100 hours music and new arts programs and 110 hours of new factual programs. The annual budget of BBC Four is £54.3 million. It replaced the BBC knowledge channel which was a cultural and educational channel.


BBC Four Live StreamBBC Four Live Stream was planned to launch in 2001 but finally started on 2 March 2002 in place of BBC Knowledge channel. Formerly it runs the BBC Two programs as a late schedule. It received its channel before BBC three and carried a schedule of documentaries and arts program as a test. Then BBC rebranded the channel and brought into line with BBC One and BBC Two. It was different from BBC Knowledge and not on air 24 hours and promoted new and original programming. BBC Four was available on Sky EPG in Ireland on 12 May 2011 on Channel 230. BBC Four HD was launched on 10 December 2013.

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BBC 4 represent U.K arts music and entertainment programs. Weekly schedule of programs given in the table.

Sr. No Programs Timing
1 World news today Monday – Saturday7:00 PM
2 Canal walk with Julia Bradbury Monday – Wednesday 7:30
3 British Gardens in Time Monday 8:00
4 Sleuths,spies&Sorcerers:Andrew Marr paperback heroes Monday 9:00 PM & 2:50 AM Wednesday 10:00
5 The Victorians Monday 10:00
6 The first world war Monday 11:00
7 TimeShift Monday 12:50 AM Wednesday 9:00 PM & 3:00 AM Thursday 10:00 PM
8 Len Goodman’s dance band days Monday1:50 AM
9 Great Barrier reef Tuesday 8:00 PM Thursday 12:00 AM
10 Oak Tree Tuesday 9:00 PM & 2:30 AM
11 The Brain:A secret history Tuesday 10:30 PM
12 Natural world Tuesday 11:30 PM
13 The making of king Arthur Tuesday 12:30 AM
14 Mozart in Prague Tuesday 1:30 PM
15 Castles Wednesday 8:00
16 Lost kingdoms of South America Wednesday 11:00 Saturday 7:00
17 The Last explorers Wednesday 12:00 AM
18 Britain Whale hunter:The untold story Wednesday 1:00
19 BBC: The secret files Wednesday 2:00
20 Top of the Pops Thursday & Friday 7:30 PM &1:00 AM Saturday 2:05 AM
21 Hive Minds Thursday 8:30 PM
22 Surviving Aberfan Thursday 9:00 PM & 2:40 AM
23 The incredible Human journey Thursday 11:00 PM
24 The Bee Gates at the BBC and Beyond Thursday 1:40 AM
25 The Good old days Friday 8:00 PM
26 Pink Floyd Beginnings 1967-1972 Friday 9:00 PM &1:00 AM Sunday 11:00 PM
27 Totally 60s Psychedelic rock at the BBC Friday 10:00 PM & 2:00 AM
28 Genesis :Together and Apart Friday 11:00 PM
29 Prog at the BBC Friday 3:00AM
30 The Code Saturday 9:00 PM
31 The Incredible human story Saturday 8:00 PM
32 Heavy metal Britannia Saturday 11:55 PM
33 Britain war at art Sunday 7:00 PM & 2:30 AM
34 Aberfan :The Geen Hallow Sunday 8:00 PM
35 Arena Sunday 10:00 PM
36 Horizon Sunday 12:00 AM

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