C-SPAN (United States)

CSPAN is an American based current affairs cable and satellite television station established on 19 March 1979. C-SPAN means Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network. It was started as a public service by the Cable television industry. It broadcast its transmission worldwide in the English language.

The channel mainly focuses on the public affair and United States federal government programming.

The C-SPAN network consists of three channels C-SPAN, C-SPAN 2 AND C-SPAN 3 and radio stations (WCSP-FM). It gives coverage to U.S political events, and occasional Proceedings of the Australian, Canadian and British Parliament and major events worldwide-SPAN is a private not- profit organization.

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Watch online C-Span live stream that is telecasting online free transmissions from the United States of Ameria.

C-SPAN is a great channel for those who have an interest in political and current affairs. They provide the viewers unfiltered information about politics and government.C-SPAN is working independently, and its contents of programming cannot control by any cable industry. Major events the channel has covered in the past include Persian Gulf conflict during 1991. Discovery channel is a documentary television channel which mainly focused on history, technology, and science. It founded in June 1985 as The Discovery Channel. It is an American based channel and available worldwide via IPTV and terrestrially at different channel mention below.

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It is a property of Discovery Communications whose CEO is David Zaslav. After TBS and Weather Channel, it is the third most-watched cable channel in the United States. In recent years of the launching, the channel produced reality television and pseudo-scientific entertainment programs. Discovery Channel primarily focused on speculative investigation, automobiles, and occupation-related documentaries. The channel also produced documentaries for younger and families interest. Shark Week programming (Deadliest Catch, How It’s Made, MythBusters, Dirty Jobs, and Man vs. Wild Cash Cab) is the popular feature of the channel airs in summer months.


  • Created by Cable (Offered as a Public Service.)
  • Where History Unfolds Daily


It gives live coverage the United States House of Representatives U.S House and Senate.C-SPAN Live Stream coverage of public affairs is a useful source of information for educators, lobbyists, journalists and government officials. The channel completely broadcast the political /public affairs programming. Notable programs of the channel are given below

  • Prime Minister’s Questions from the British House of Commons

It is a political Program in which British PM answer the queries of House of Commons.

  • Politics and Public Policy Today

A program about the major political events and public affairs issues described with interruption.

  • Washington Journal

A live morning program, call with journalists, government officials, and political leaders.

  • Public Affairs Events

It is the interview program with famous political personalities and also shows the public affair events, speeches, and congressional hearings.

  • Newsmakers

A news program in which newsmakers and political leaders face and answer the questions from the journalists.

  • Q & A

A is an interview type program with media personnel and leaders from technology, political and education field. General Information

Sr. No Contents Details
1 Launched Date March 19, 1979
2 Owner National Cable Satellite Corporation
The Country United States Broadcast area Nationwide
5 Language English
6 Picture Format 1080i (HDTV)
7 Sister channels C-SPAN3, 2, Radio
Terrestrial Availability
1 Selective TV, Inc. K50DB-D 50.3
Cable Availability
2 Wave Broadband 16 (C-SPAN)
3 Verizon FiOS 109: C-SPAN (SD)
Satellite Availability
4 Dish Network 210: C-SPAN (SD)
5 C-Band 201: C-SPAN 101: C-SPAN (SD)
6 DirecTV 350: C-SPAN (SD)
7 Google Fiber 131: C-SPAN
8 AT&T U-verse 230: C-SPAN (SD)
9 Cable One 78 (SD)
10 Southern Fibernet 1131: C-SPAN


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