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BBC World News

BBC World News is an International television channel which produced the current affairs and international news. It launched as BBC World on 16 January 1995 and BBC world news on 21 April 2008. In 2004 BBC Channel has 76 million viewers in a week. In 1991 it was launched as BBC world service television outside Europe. It is owned and operated by BBC Global News Ltd.

It broadcast different programs including News Bulletins, lifestyle programs. Interviews, documentaries. It has a greater number of bureaux than any other television channel. It is the high-quality news channel and brings the news from all over the globe for their viewers. Enjoy watching 24/7 hours BBC World News Live Stream from UK.

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Watch BBC World News Live Stream

Lets watch BBC World News online streaming telecasting live transmission from the United Kingdom. Its a famous News Television channel world wide.

Programs and Timings

Putting news first (2004-2013)
Live the story (2013- present)
Demand a broader view (1995-2004)
BBC World News Live StreamBBC started as BBC World News service television on 11 March 1991 with half hour bulletin at 7:00 PM. It split into two television stations on 26 January 1995. One is 24 hours English free to air terrestrial international news channel which is known as BBC world news now, other is 24 hours English cable lifestyle, variety and entertainment channel which is known as BBC Entertainment.

The channel has many kept different branding since 1995. Till 1997 channel used only a few graphics to display the name of the channel. On 9 November 1997 the channel was refreshed, the day BBC News 24 was started. New graphics were added on 8 December 2003 but using the same drums and beeps style music. The music theme changed when the primary color scheme changed to black and red. The present channel name was given to it on 21 April 2008. It moved to BBC Television Center on 14 January 2013. However, its broadcasting house was rebuild with £1 billion with a new newsroom and studio.


BBC World News broadcasting the different news, business, and current affairs programs. It is known as international news channel in the world. Various programs are given below.

BBC World News

These are latest international news on air on BBC at different break hours.

World news today

News programs for those who want broad news coverage from all over the globe.


It presents the current affair program on the wide variety of subjects.

Talking Movies

Tom Brook host the program and bring the latest news and reviews from US cinema and reports from New York and Hollywood.

Sr. NoProgramsTimingCategory
1GMT6:00 AMBusiness and sports news
2Impact7:00 AMGlobal news
3HARDtalk7:30 AMTalk show
4World business report9:30 AMFinancial and business news
5BBC world news9:45 AMLatest international news
6Outside source10:00 AMInnovative latest global stories
7Focus on Africa10:30 AMLook of business across Africa
8World news today11:00 AMNews
9Sport today11:30 AMSports program
10BBC business live12:00 PMGlobal business stories
11BBC World news America2:00 PMMajor international and US news
12Newsday4:00 PMNews
13Asia business report4:30 PMBusiness news from London
14BBC world news6:30 PM 7:00 PM 8:00 PM 9:00 PM 10:00 PM 12:00 AMLatest international news

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