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c5n Live StreamWatch C5N Live stream that is Spanish TV channel or Canal 5 Noticias (Channel 5 News) Live Stream. It is 24 hours news channel based in Argentina. C5N was founded on 6 August 2007 by a journalist Daniel Hadad. He sold the channel to Indalo Group who is a recent owner of the channel. The studio of the station is located in Buenos Aires, and the broadcast area is Latin America. C5N is including in the top news channel of the Argentina and serving from a long time.

C5N Argentina has the latest technology, art equipment and giant LED screens and touch. It also has mobiles to show live transmission from land, a yacht from water and helicopter from the air. In 2012 It was announced as the most watched news channel in Argentina.

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Watch C5N live stream telecasting from Argentina. c5N en vivo por internet online Gratis.

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C5N has got and changed many slogans. The Recent slogan is “24 Hours Live”.

Sr. No Slogans Year
1 News When Vos Want 2007-2008
2 All the time, All News 2008-2009
3 Channel News 2009
4 Vanguard News 2009-2012
5 Conversing with you 2012-2013
6 Living the Summer with you 2013
7 Live News 2013-2015
8 24 Hours Live 2015-Present


C5N News live stream available on the following website

General Information

Sr. No Contents Details
1 Launched Date August 6, 2007
2 Country Argentina
3 Founder Daniel Hadad
4 Owner Indalo Group Media
5 Broadcast area Latin America
6 Sister Channels CN23 One TV
7 Picture Format 1080i HDTV
8 Headquarter Buenos Aires, Argentina
9 Language Spanish

C5N Argentina Live Stream start broadcasting on 6 August 2007 at 7 am with an own helicopter and five mobiles and own camera to show the city of Buenos Aires. Argentine legislative elections 2009 the channel renewed its study and latest image update was made on 5 April 2015. The channel founder sold the channel to Indalo group Media and operated from(2007-2017) by Telepiú SA and Ideas Del Sur (currently 2017). Former studio of the channel was located in Fitz Roy 1940, Palermo, Buenos Aires (2007-2016). Then in 2016, they shifted it to Olleros 3551, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Terrestrial Availability
1 Antina Channel 3
Cable Availability
2 Cablevisión Channel 5
3 Cablevideo Channel 5
4 Gigared channel 302 (Digital) Channel 9 (Analog)
5 BVC (Bahia Bca.) Channel 5
6 CCC (Tucumán) Channel 3 (Analog / Digital) channel 103 (HD)
7 Video Cable Concordia Channel 170 (Digital Channel 4 (Analog)
8 Cablevision Flex Channel 52
Satellite Availability
9 InTV Channel 9
10 Direc TV Channel 717

C5N is 24 hours cable news channel and it broadcast every type of news for their viewers. Schedule of programs is given below.

C5N live stream is 24 hours cable news channel and it broadcast every type of news for their viewers. Schedule of programs is given below.

Sr. No Programs Schedule
1 Alerta Verde (Green Alert) Weekends
2 C5N La mañana (C5N Morning) Weekends
3 HD: Alta Definición en Noticias Daily
4 De 1 a 6 (From 1 to 6) Weekdays
5 Mañanas Argentinas (Argentinian Morning) Weekdays
6 C5N Deportes (C5N Sports) Tuesday-Saturday
7 Bien Temprano (Early Start) Weekdays
8 Regresando (Return) Saturday &Sunday
9 Especiales C5N (C5N Special) Weekends
10 C5N Fin de Semana (C5N Weekend) Weekends
11 Sensación Térmica (Termal Sensation) Weekdays
12 Good News Saturday &Sunday
13 Resumen al Mediodía (Summary at Noon) Weekdays
14 Mundo Casella (World Casella) Friday, Saturday &Sunday
15 Noches Argentinas (Argentinian Night) Monday-Friday
16 Tarde a Tarde (Late Afternoon) Weekdays
17 Show sobre Ruedas (Show on Wheels) Sunday
18 Tech News Saturday
19 Noticiero C5N (C5N News) Weekdays
20 Moda y Estilo (Fashion and Style) Sunday

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