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BBC News is a famous news channel that has watched in all over the world. Channel BBC News UK is most popular channel among all different news channels. There was a time when they were only a few people who were having radios in their houses and television was rarely in someone house. At that time, there was a channel which started working in a country and providing the audience news from different regions. That news channel was no other than BBC News UK.

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It was working day and night and delivering the news to their audience which was based on truth and reality.  Its slogan is “British most watched news channel” another one is “Breaking news and developing stories”. Nowadays this News television channel is providing its broadcasting in all over the world.

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Watch the most popular news channel BBC news live streaming telecasting 24/7 streaming in HD quality. International & National current affair programs. provides BBC News live stream in Full HD crystal clear quality. Please wait for few seconds, While its loading load in the player.

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BBC News Live StreamOn 18 October 1922, BBC British Broadcasting Company was formed. After a few months, on 14, November 1992 BBC News UK broadcast for the first time from London. After this broadcast, BBC started broadcasting from different cities such as Birmingham and also from New Castle. In 1926 the It was broadcasting five news bulletin in a day. On 15 January 1927, It started live sports broadcasting as well. In 1927 on 22 January BBC channel covered first ever football match. This channel also has won a lot of famous awards such as Tony Award, Brit Award, Bafta TV award, Oscar, National television award, Grammy award.

Shows, Awards, and Famous Anchors

Nowadays anyone can get access to this channel because this channel is providing its broadcast in all over the world. Anyone can get updates by watching television, listing to the radio or through the internet. The audience can also get news alert through their cell phones. There is also an application for this channel which can be run on android, windows and on IOS too.

This channel has many outstanding programs such as Sunday Politics London, BBC weekend news, Davis Cup, Pointless Celebrities, London News, The secret agent, Country file, Imagine, Join BBC, Escape to the country. They are also some famous and renowned anchors as well such as Charlie Stayt, Sophie Ragworth, Ros Atkins, Evan Davis, Kirsty Wark, Michael Husain, Adnan Nawaz, Ben Brown and much more.

SR NO Broadcast area All over the world
1 Language English
2 Headquarters Broadcasting House, London, United Kingdom
3 Sister channels BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three, BBC Parliament, CBBC
4 Website
5 Launch 1 January 1992
6 Country United Kingdom
7 Slogans Britain’s most watched news channel, Whenever you need to know Live, The Story The World’s, Newsroom

Programs and Their Timings

SR No Programs Timing
1 Sunday Morning live 10:00 AM
2 BBC Weekend news 12:15 PM
3 Breakfast 06:00 AM
4 The Andrew Marr Show 09:00 AM
5 Escape to country 01:00 PM
6 Imagine 10:30 PM
7 The Secret Agent 09:00 PM
8 Country file 07:00 PM

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