Top 10 Donald Trump Plans For the United States

Donald Trump Plans

United States election is being held in November 2016, and Republication Party candidate Donald Trump run his campaign for president. He promises to make the America great country and aimed to make changes in trade, taxes, foreign policy and immigration. However, it is not different from any politician promises like cut taxes, and fight terrorists said, Larry Sabato. We are discussingDonald Trump Plans or promises for the United States.

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1. Build a wall — and make Mexico pay for it

Trump number goal for America is that he build a great wall on southern border and Mexico will pay for this wall. He has repeated this call with consistency and conviction. Trump’s supporters admired his centerpiece promise as the light of the day. But it is seen that real wall would be costly, and Trump forced the Mexico to pay for it. The wall will be built 1200 miles from Brownsville to EI Paso and almost 300 foot high. According to former Texas Governer Rick Perry said I am sure you can do this.

2. Temporarily ban Muslims from the United States

In December 2015 in San Bernardino Calif, Trump shoot after became president he completely shut down the Muslims from the United States. But the next day He admitted it would not apply to all Muslims, but his statement remains vague. On Fox News Trump said it was just a suggestion. But he recommitted the ban and now encompassed immigrants from nations tied to Islamic terror. Scholars were the divide on this statement whether an entire faith would violate the constitution.

3. Bring manufacturing jobs back

Trump in his 28 June speech on economy said that I am the greatest jobs president God ever created. He announced that I am going to withdraw the America from trans-Pacific Partnership and get a better deal for our workers and renegotiate the terms. I will use the power to remedy trade disputes. But Experts says it is not possible to bring back all 4 million lost jobs in the modern era of free trade deals and China economic rise. However, a small number of job could be brought back by Princeton University economist Alan Blinder who is employment and business specialist. Susan Houseman said it is most complicated than Trump describes this issue. Harry is more optimistic than Trump and told me you could not do it in a day or year.

4. Impose tax on goods made in Mexico and China

Trump have the intention to impose the tax on goods from Mexico and China told by Warren Maruyama. If it is done it would lead a trade war and cost thousands of jobs. Hal Shapiro said according to Trade Act of 1974 section 301; the president has the power to engage in unfair business practice or violate the trade agreements. This promise of Trump breaks the international trade rules, but he has yet proposed to exiting the World Trade Organization.

5. Withdraw from Trans-Pacific Partnership and the North American Free Trade Agreement

Trump has been critical about TPP and NAFTA. He is pinning them to Hillary and the past and future job losses. If Trump were the president, he would have authority to bow out the agreement and TPP. But according to an expert, it would not increase the America manufacturing jobs.According to Alan Wolff, Mexico and Canada have a list of things they want from America, and they are balanced hard to negotiate agreements.

6. Full repeal of Obamacare

Trump six promise is highly popular among the rank and file Republicans as repeal Obamacare and replaces it with marketplace alternative. As the majority in Congress would need the repeal. A health policy professor at Harvard University said if Trump won then both houses of Congress are under the control of Republican and some significant rollback is likely.

7. Renegotiate the Iran deal

Donald Trump promises to renegotiate Iran deal even Iran has said it would not revisit this issue. Mark Dubowitz CEO of nonpartisan Foundation for Defense of Democracies sees Iran misleading behavior that precedent for a follow-up talk. Iranians are demanding significant economic concessions and continuing to negotiate. Dubowitz said, who will be the president whatever could renegotiate a better deal.

8. Leave Social Security as it is

Trump promise to leave the retirement age and benefits intact. He repeatedly that social security should be left alone. But Republican this statement is not going to beat a Democrat when that say, we are going to keep it and give more. Donald this promise not supported by multiple analyses, but he claims that his economic proposal would save the social security and make the country productive again. His policy maker told that if Trump elected he would be open to changes to social security.

9. Cut taxes

Trump proposed the tax reforms and said that everyone would get the cut in tax. The top 0.1 % will receive more tax relief and lower 60% of taxpayers combined. This plan of trump bloats the deficit at least $10 trillion over next decade. Trump promise is the biggest line items in the budget and harder to protecting the social security number. Experts passed this pan as a D.

10. Bomb and take the oil from ISIS

Trump 10 promise on the campaign trail will cut off funding to ISIS. The United States is already attacking the oil assets under ISIS control. He told the Washington post’s, he would circle and defend these areas with ground troops. To fulfill this promise, Trump would have to invade Syria to give up their claims on gas and oil in the country and for this plan he needs billions of American dollars.

Donald Trump Plans Conclusion

It is not so far when it will be final who will be the next president of United States after ending the term of Obama in January 2017. We conclude that some Trump’s appeal are unrealistic as ban the Muslims and many scholars and second do not accept it is building the wall. However some suggestion so Trump is in line with Clinton like protecting social security. Let’s see Trump these goals, how much convince the American people to elect him as a President.

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