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Channel NewsAsia live streamCNA is a Singaporean English language news channel based in Singapore. The channel launched on 1 March 1999 by Television Corporation of Singapore and now owned by Mediacorp. Former name of the Channel NewsAsia is Television Corporation Singapore until February 2001. The channel broadcast around Asia, Sydney, Dubai, London and New York.

In 2001 it was launched as Channel News Asia by Mediacorp. The former slogan was providing Asian Perspective until 21 January 2013 and then changed Understand Asia which is used now. The headquarter situated in Caldecott broadcast center. The channel covers the global developments with an Asian perspective. It produced current affairs and news program in four languages Tamil, English, Mandarin, Chinese.

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Channel News Asia produced new bulletin 24 hours in a day with headlines. News Now are providing once in an hour. It also gives live coverage to sports events. The channel broadcast the current affairs programs for Media Crop channel 5, U, Suria, Channell 8 and Vasantham. Schedule of an entire week of Channel NewsAsia given in the table below.


A weekly current affairs program which aware you the current happenings in the world.

News Now

News bulletin which shows you what happening at the time of broadcast.

Correspondent’s Diary

Highlights of major stories from the main cities across the region.

Japan Hour

A program featuring the Japanese culture.

Money Mind

A business program broadcast weekly.

Sr. NoProgramsTiming
1News Now12:00 AM and once in an hour
2Headlines News12:30 AM for one minute after one hour News now
3Money MindMonday 12:31 AM & 9:31 PM
4It Figures 5Monday 1:01 AM & 8:01 PM
5Nigel Latta Blows Stuff upMonday1:30 AM & 8:30PM
6World viewWeekdays 5:31 AM & 9:32 AM
7Singapore TonightDaily 4:00 AM & 10:00 PM
8Sports world weekendSunday 10:30 PM
9First look Asia7:00 AM
10Asia Business First9:00 AM
11Correspondent’s DiaryMonday11:32 AM Friday 9:31 PM
12First Look Encore12:32 PM
13Conversion With1:03 PM
14A Singapore Abroad 21:30 PM
15New world without strangersSunday 12:30 AM
16Prime time Asia7:00 PM
17Asia Business firstTuesday-Friday 9:00 AM
18Undercover Asia 3Tuesday 1:03 PM Friday 11:01 PM
19The Maritime Silk roadTuesday 8:01 PM
20A House of its timeTuesday 9:31 PM Wednesday 10:32 AM
21Fighting TallWednesday, Thursday 12:00 AM
22Silent ScreamsWednesday 1:01 AM
23Between the LinesWednesday 11:01 PM
24City Time Traveller 2Thursday 11:32 AM Saturday 1:30 AM
25The Making of a cityThursday 9:31PM
26InsightThursday 8:01 PM
27Power list Asia 5Thursday 8:30 PM Friday 6:30 PM
28The Last king of BurmaFriday 1:03 PM
29A Singaporean Abroad 2Friday 8:01 PM
30Japan HourSaturday 12:30 AM
31Welcome 2 TaiwanSunday 11:30 PM

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