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Bloomberg TV Philippines is business news channel & Cignal Digital TV owns it. It was the first 24 hours business new channel in the country. Bloomberg was the second global network in the Philippines who set a localized channel in the country. It broadcast in the English language. The channel was launched on 1 October 2015 as test channel and fully on air on 5 October 2015. The headquarter of the located in Mandaluyong City, Philippines. Bloomberg TV Philippines underscores the economic gains of the Philippines because the country is the second fastest growing economy in Southeast Asia.

Bloomberg TV Philippines Live Stream

Watch Bloomberg TV Philippines Live Stream telecasting live transmission and here on this website its online 24/7 hours
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Bloomberg TV Philippines Live StreamIt is available on single channel eight on SD and 127 channel on HD. It produced locally business shows, national newscast, talk shows and broadcast & Simulate programs from Bloomberg Television. These programs and talk shows provide accurate information to the viewers anywhere in the country. Programs schedule of the channel given below.

First UP

It is morning newscast program that brings information and news to the viewers for the whole day ahead.

Top 5

It is Bloomberg TV Philippines news breaks that produced five interesting stories of the hour. Shawn Yao hosts it.

Starting Gate

A show about stock market’s opening bell that brings excitement for today market players. The program hosted by JP Ong and Regina Hing Lay.

In the Loop

It is evening newscast that broadcast the biggest stories in the Philippines region and discussing issues with critical analysis. Hosts of the program are Shawn Yao and Quintin Pastrana.

Smart Movies

It is one to one with a leader in a public, private and civil sector that guide towards success. Quintin Pastrana is the Host of Smart film.

The Insight

The program on Bloomberg TV Philippines that tells how to tackle the latest developments in the dynamic world of marketing. Rod Nepomuceno hosts the program.

Political Capital

Political Capital highlights governance, politics, economy, public policy and effect of these things on Philippines business. Tony Abad hosts the program.

Bright Ideas

The show that promotes entrepreneurship, program host is Michael Alimurung.

Sr. No Programs Timing
1 First Up Philippines 7:00 AM
2 In the Loop 12:30 PM
3 Top 5 10:00 2:00 4:00 5:00
4 Political Capital Wednesday at 9:00 PM
5 Thought Leaders Monday at 9:00 PM
6 Insight Tuesday at 9:00 PM
7 Bright Ideas Thursday at 9:00 PM
8 Bloomberg Best Friday at 9:00 PM
9 Smart Movies Monday at 9:30 PM

Programs Broadcast from Bloomberg Television

Sr. No Programs
1 Bloomberg Surveillance
2 Inside
3 First Up
4 Charlie Rose
5 High Flyers
6 Bloomberg West
7 Titans at the table
8 Eye to Eye
9 The Pulse
10 Countdown
11 Asia Edge
12 Trending Business
13 Bloomberg Best
14 On the move
15 With all due respect
16 Bloomberg Markets
17 Bloomberg game changers
18 What’d you miss?


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