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Al-Alam News NetworkAlalam News TV is a 24 hours news channel which broadcast in the news in the Arabic language from Iran.  State own media IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) founded Al-Alam News in 2003. The main headquarter of Al-Alam News is situated in Tehran and bureaus are in Baghdad and Beirut. Mostly it gives coverage to Political issues and current affairs, but also broadcast business, sports program, commentaries, and analysis.

The channel has played a particular role in the following activities like the war against Saddam Hussein, 33 days 2006 Lebanon war, Gaza War, Capturing of British nationals by Iranian Navy and 2011 Bahraini protests.

Alalam News TV Live Streaming

Alalam News TV Live Stream

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Alalam News TV network website in the English language was launched on 15 August 2006. The Persian language website was launched in April 2007.


General Information

Sr. NoContentsDetail
1Launched Date23 February 2003
2OwnerIslamic republic of Iran broadcasting
3Broadcast areaIran, Arab world
6Sister ChannelAl Kawthar
7Picture Format1080i (HDTV) 576i 16:9 (SDTV)

Al-Alam network is available for more than 300 million Arabic speaking people in the globe, including viewers in Persian Gulf and Mediterranean regions. The channel is available via satellite on five continents. In Iraq, it can be viewed without satellite receiver on VHF channel E4 from the ground near to Iraq-Iran border.

Streaming Media
Satellite Availability
Badr 5 26. .0° E12303 H 27500 3/4
Galaxy 19 97.0 °W11960 V 22000 3/4
Eutelsat 8 West C 7.5° W11054 H 27500 3/4
Eutelsat 21B 21.5 ° E11681 H 27500 3/4

Al-Alam news channel programs are described briefly in the table. Mostly it produced the political and social program and opinion of experts on the circumstances.

Sr. NoProgramsCategory
1Al-Iraq Alyom(Iraq Today)Program about Iran social, political and economic issues
2Al-Mehwar (The Pivot)Talk show about Palestinian domain by occupies territories groups
3Maal hadith (With the event)Political program on daily global development
4Al-ray Alawal (The Prime Opinion)Weekly program on Islamic world issues
5Al-AinAlisraelia (The Israeli Eye)Latest developments in Israel by political experts
6Walakennaltaki (Face to face)Debate program by different society individuals
7Men Tehran (From Tehran)Program about cultural, economic and scientific developments
8TahtAlramad (Under the ashes)Talk show on strategic regional issues
9Min Al-Kaherah (From Cairo)Highlights of Egypt political, cultural and social development by experts.
10Al-hakikaayn (Where is the truth)Truth about the regional crisis
11Manber Al-Joma(Friday Tribune)Friday program presented political excerpts during Friday prayers
12UmmahWahidah (One Nation)Weekly program on Islamic nation’s affair
13Horoof (Letters)Program on latest cultural and political books
14Taht Al-Thoa (Limelight)A quick glance on political and social issues with experts
15KathayaEfrikia (African Issues)Talk show on African continent
16America Waalalam (America and the world)A program about the domestic and foreign policies by US administration in Middle east region

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