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RTM TV 2 Live Stream RTM TV 2 is free to air Malaysian television channel operated by Radio Television Malaysia which is owned by Malaysian Government. RTM 2 was established in November 1969 by the name of Rangkaian Kedua after splitting of Television Malaysia into two parts. In 1978 it acquired new name RTM 2. Until 2004 Tv2 has used only a part of RTM English Channel. In 1994 RTM 2 (TV2) started broadcasting of Malay programming like Berita Tengah Malam (Midnight news in Malay) which on aired on 27 December 1994. At the start of 1996, news in English, Tamil and Mandarin was produced from Tv2.

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Some more children programs were also added as Malay dramas. In 1996 the channel returned to Malay language programming. In 2003 RTM restricted it’s all stations and some entertainment programs were shifted to TV2 (RTM 2).It was for very short time and in 2004 slogan of the channel was also changed into Saluran Family Anda. RTM 2 started 24 hours broadcasting on 3 April 2006. In January 2009 the channel restructured by Dato’ Ahmad Shabery and changed its slogan into Dunia Ria (Happy World in Malay) and this were used recently.

All TV Pendidikan programs aired on TV2 from 1988-1999. Until 1999 the channel only on aired from Monday-Thursday at 4:50 Pm in evenings. In 1992 it started the transmission in the afternoon from Friday- Sunday. Morning broadcast began in 1992 from Friday –Sunday.In 2000 RTM 2 is the only channel in Malaysia which launches communication from Monday-Thursday.

In 2002 September daily broadcasting at nine was started from the channel and at 6 am daily in 2005. In 2006 the channel got the license of 24 hours transmission.

Sr.No Contents Details
1 Launched Date 17 November 1969
2 Owner Radio Television Malaysia
3 Country Malaysia
4 Broadcast area Nationwide
5 Picture Format PAL 576 i
6 Headquarter Angkasapuri, Kuala Lumpur
7 Former Name Rangkaian Kedua (1969–1990) RTM2 (1978–1990,2006–2009)
8 Sister Channels RTM TV1, TVi
Sr. No Former Slogan Duration
1 Saluran Dunia Anda (Your World Channel) 1969-1989
2 Saluran Emas (The Golden Channel ) 1990-2004
3 Saluran Famili Anda (Your Family Channel) 2004-2008
4 Dunia Ria (Happy World) 2009-Present


Terrestrial Availability
1 MyFreeView (Malaysia) Channel 102
2 Analogue VHF2, UHF, VHF 8 (Kuala Lumpur) VHF 10 (Klang Valley)
Cable Availability
3 ABNXcess (Malaysia) Channel 102 (SD)
Satellite Availability
4 NJOI (Malaysia) Channel 102 (SD)
5 Satellite Astro (Malaysia) Channel 102 (SD)
6 HyppTV (Malaysia) Channel 102 (SD)

RTM TV 2 Programming RTM TV 2 Live Stream broadcast a wide range of telefilms, drama series, News, entertainment, and kids program. Some notable programs of the channel are listed below.

Sr. No Programmers Category
1 News on 2 English News
2 Berita Tamil (Tamil Seithi) Tamil News Program
3 Berita Mandarin (Mandarin News) Mandarin news program
4 Hello On Two Talk show
5 What Say You Mandarin talk show
6 Vasantham Talk show
7 Varnam Tamil Drama series
8 Gerak Khas Malaysian police force themed drama
9 Mannippu Tamil drama series
10 Golden Dragon Chinese Movie
11 Jade Korean drama series
12 Golden Phoenix Chinese Drama serial
13 Tamil Magazine shows Magazine show
14 Vasantham Tamil program
15 Teater Lagenda Malay movie
16 Sinema Jumaat Malay movie
17 Best of Retro Thriller television series
18 Active 5 Starts Entertainment program
19 Saturday Night Special on 2 Hollywood movies
20 Space Jam Telefilm
21 Kainar Ash – Tac Frontee Kids program
22 Running Man Entertainment program
23 Rockers Apa Khabar Entertainment program
24 Mini Parliament Children program
25 Battle Spirits Heroes Kids program


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