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RTM TV 1 Live StreamRTM TV 1 It is free to air public Malaysian public channel founded by Radio Televisyen Malaysia. RTM TV 1 Malaysia is one of the oldest channels in Malaysia broadcast 22 hours transmission from 21 August 2012. Tv1 shared the programs with TV Pendidikan (Education TV) from 1972- 1994. But after full daytime broadcast on 1 March 1994, they cancelled it.

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The channel was launched on 28 December 1963 as TV Malaysia. Singapore television station had worked with TV1 as sister channel. But in 1965 these two networks are separated from each other. Initially, it broadcast only in the evenings. In December 1978 TV1 began transmission in colour.

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General Information
The name of the TV1 changed into RangkaianPertama in 1969 which used until 1978. Since 1978 -1999 it is given name RTM 1. In February 1990 along with sister channel TV2, it was renamed as TV1. In 2006 the name was reverted as TVM 1. The channel also got different slogans in the past; recent is Mewarnaimu (Colours You) which is used from January 2013 to still. The channel has a large number of viewers in India, China and other countries.

Sr. No Contents Details
1 Launched Date 28 December 1963
2 Country Malaysia
3 Owner Radio Television Malaysia
4 Broadcast area Nationwide
5 Headquarter Angkasapuri, Kuala Lumpur
6 Picture Format PAL (576i)
7 Sister Channels TVi TV2
8 Former Name TV Malaysia (1963 – 1969) RangkaianPertama(1969-1978) RTM 1 (1978-1990, 2006-2009)


Sr. No Former Slogan Duration
1 SaluranKomunikasiAnda (Your Communication Channel) 1978-1987
2 TemanSetiaAnda (Your Loyal Companion) 1987-1990
3 SaluranPerdana (The Prime Channel) 1990-2004
4 Saluran Infotainment Anda (Your Infotainment Channel) August 2004- March 2006
5 SaluranInforia (Infotainment Channel) April 2006-December 2008
6 SaluranInformasi (Information Channel) January 2009-December 2012
7 Mewarnaimu (Colours You) January 2013- Present


Terrestrial Availability
1 UHF Channel 46
2 VHF Channel 5
3 Myfreeview Channel 101
Cable Availability
4 ABNXcess (Malaysia) Channel 101 (SD)
5 Cable StarHub TV (Singapore) Channel 178 (SD)
Satellite Availability
6 NJOI (Malaysia) Channel 10
7 Satellite Astro (Malaysia) Channel 101 (SD)
8 IPTV Hypp TV (Malaysia) Channel 101 (SD)


Recently RTM TV1 Live Stream produced the following new, entertainment programs, drama series and documentary series.

Sr. No Programs Category
1 Blossom bouquet: A Quiet Love entertainment
2 Xpresi Travel Magazine program
3 love Jasmin Drama series
4 Rona Sabah Documentary
5 Water Rocket Project Telefilm
6 Symphony Environmental Documentary
7 icons asnaf Religious program
8 SPECIAL CHRISTMAS: Summit Bintang Kecil 2016 Entertainment program
9 Hadith 40 Religious program
10 Good morning Malaysia Talk show
11 National 1 News
12 N5 News
13 BES World News program
14 Along Jalan Kenangan Entertainment program
15 National 12 News
16 Cross 2016 Magazine program
17 You comprehend? Religious program
18 In A While Documentary
19 Evening rainbow Drama series
20 Rock Axe Entertainment program
21 Our people Documentary
22 International Ranked memorising 1437H Religious program
23 Note A preachers Drama series
24 Islamic Affairs Forum Religious program
25 Science Cafe Magazine program
26 overreach Love Drama series
27 Trust Drama serial
28 Bee Gees: One Night Only In Vegas Entertainment program
29 Fikrah Religious program
30 Sunday Theatre: My wife Ms Sally Telefilm

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