IRIB TV3 Iran Live StreamIRIB TV3 (Persian –شبکهسه ) was founded in 1993 by Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. It was the third television channel by IRIB and including in top 32 national television channels in Iran. Mostly it is considered the youth channel because it produced large amounts of sports events, comedy series, and movies (Domestic & Foreign).

TV3 network HD broadcast started on 7 August 2016 in Tehran.  IRIB TV3 broadcast its transmission in the Persian language in the Middle East.

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You are at right place to watch IRIB TV3 that is telecasting from Iran. Here is 24/7 hours online streaming is available for you.
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Youth Channel

General Information

Sr. No Contents Details
1 Launched Date 4 December 1993
2 Country Iran
3 Language Persian
4 Broadcast area Middle East
5 Owner IRIB
6 Headquarter Tehran
7 Picture Format 16:9 1080i HDTV

IRIB TV3 is available terrestrially in Iran and in Middle East. It can see via satellite channels.

Satellite Availability
MPEG2-DVBS1 11900 / 27500 / 3/4 V
MPEG4-DVBS2 11880 / 27500 / 5/6 H
Intelsat902@62E 11555 / 27500 / 3/4 V
Terrestrial Availability
Jamaran Ch47 Analog
Ch31 Mobile
Ch37 Digital
Alvand Ch22

IRIB TV3 Iran Live StreamProgramming IRIB TV3 slogan represents it’s a youth channel. The programs broadcast by channel are including sports, drama series, religious program, entertainment programs, cooking show and talk shows on social issues. Some famous programs of the channel are listed below.

Sr. No Programs


1 Dong Yi South Korean Historical television drama series
2 Nargess Iranian TV program
3 Jumong Historical/romance/action drama series
4 ZirZamin Iranian television series
5 MardeHezarChehreh Comedy program
6 Char Khooneh Iranian television sitcom
7 Sweet and sour Cooking show
8 Sherlock Crime drama series
9 The Kingdoms of the winds Historical Korean drama series
10 Moon Embracing the sun South Korean romance /fantasy drama series
11 The return of lljimae Historical action television series
12 Kim Su-ro, The Iron King Period drama
13 ShabhayeBarareh Comedy series
14 Noghtechin Iranian television sitcom
15 Emperor of the Sea South Korea television drama series
16 BagheMozaffar Iranian comedy series
17 RaheBipayan Television series
18 After the Rain Historical/social television series
19 Navad Weekly sports program
20 Good Home Lifestyle program
21 Jim Settlements Social program
22 ISBN Educational program
23 Top Football Sports program
24 The Thief who came to dinner Comedy series
25 Pirates Skating Movie series
26 Morning and vitality Morning sports show
27 komeil prayer Religious program
28 Ahd prayer Cultural and Islamic education program
29 two way Lifestyle and religious program
30 Elixir Religious show
31 You are talking snow Talk show
32 Competition Table Quiz game show
33 Seven News about Iran cinema
34 The God Religious program
35 Up to date Technology information program
36 excuse Cooking program
37 Clear talk Islamic education program
38 The power Criminal series
39 Chinese Revolution Film series
40 Text , Margins Talk show
41 Panther Moon Drama series
42 Heritage Documentary series
43 Licensing of Drama
44 Race Leader Documentary series
455 Along with exercise Sports program

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