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Fuji TV News Live StreamFuji Television Network, Inc. (株式会社フジテレビジョン Kabushiki Gaisha Fuji Terebijon?) is a Japanese entertainment TV channel situated in Odaiba, Minato, and Tokyo, Japan. It is also called Fuji TV (フジテレビ Fuji Terebi?).  Fuji television was established on 18 November 1947 but start broadcasting in March 1959. It is a part of Fuji Television Network Inc. they formed a network (Fuji News Network) in October 1966 for exchanging news with local channels.

They changed the logo from the Channel 8 to Medama log on 1 April 1968 used by Fujisankei Communications Group. The channel began late night and early morning transmission in October 1987 collectively as JOCX-TV2. Fuji TV shifted from old to new headquarter in Odaiba, Minato designed by Kenzo Tange on 10 March 1997. Fuji TV becomes a certified broadcasting holding company on 1 October 2008 Fuji Media Holdings, Inc.

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General Information

Sr. NoContentsDetails
1Launched Date18 November , 1947
2OwnerFuji Television Network, Inc.
3First On air Date1 March , 1959
4FoundedMinato, Tokyo, Japan
5Headquarter4-8, Daiba Nichome, Minato, Tokyo, Japan
6ParentFuji Media Holdings
7Key PeopleShuji Kanoh (President and COO) Hisashi Hieda (Chairman and CEO)
8Sister ChannelsBS Fuji Fuji TV two Fuji TV one Fuji TV Next
9ChannelsDigital: 21 (UHF – LCN 8)


Fuji TV News Live Stream broadcast a wide range of programs like news, drama series, sports event, musical shows and reality television series and some kids program. Some notable programs of the channel is listed below.

Sr. NoProgramsCategory
1Mezamashi TVMorning news program
2Tokudane!Morning news program
3World Judo ChampionshipsSports program
4FNN SpeakNews program before noon
5K-1 kickboxing eventsSports program
6World Victory RoadSports program
7Minna No NewsEvening news program.
8Fujisankei ClassicSports program
9You’re Time 〜Anata No Jikan〜Night news program.
10Kids Newschildren’s news program
11International Chiba EkidenSports program
12The GamanVariety show
13Zuiikin’ EnglishJapanese television series
14Formula One World ChampionshipSports prgram
15Horse Racing Live (みんなのケイバ?)Sports program
16ArashiJapanese game show
17Music FairMusical show
18FNS Music FestivalMusic program
19Brain WallJapanese game show
20GameCenter CXGaming-Variety show television program
21VivaVivaV6Reality show
22Magic RevolutionReality television show
23IQ SapuriGame show
24Idoling!!!Dance show
25Mecha-Mecha Iketeru!Japanese variety show
26KinKi KidsPop show
27World Figure Skating ChampionshipsSports program
28Attention PleaseDrama
29Long VacationRomantic drama series
30Kekkon Dekinai Otoko (The Man Who Can’t Get Married)  Japanese drama series
31Buzzer BeatDrama/sports drama
32Summer NudeJapanese television series
33Innocent LoveJapanese television drama
34Biblia Koshodō no Jiken TechōRomance/mystery series
35Last FriendsDrama series

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