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Fox 32 Chicago is the television station, situated in Chicago, Illinois, U .S. Fox 32 Chicago is working under the Fox television stations of 21st Century Fox. The channel is working as television duopoly with WPWR-TV (Gary, Indiana licensed TV network). Studio of these two stations shared at Michigan Plaza on North Michigan Avenue in the Chicago and transmitter of the WFLD located at Willis Tower on South Wacker Drive in loop business district. Its call letter meaning is FieLD Enterprises.

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Fox 32 Chicago History

Fox 32 Chicago News Live StreamThe Fox 32 Chicago News first signed as an independent station on 4 January 1966. The original station studio located within Marina City complex on state street. The station broadcast the news programming from the sun-times newsroom from 1967 to 1970.

Field make an agreement to sell the WFLD in March 1969 to New York City-based Metromedia for $10 million, but it finished due to the collapse of the Metromedia. WFLD was famous for the home of the B-movie program Svengoolie. Field sell the interest in WFLD to Kaiser Broadcasting in May 1972 and result from a WFLD joining Kaiser’s stable of UHF stations in Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston, and Detroit. Kaiser partnership ended when the shear of the station sold back to Field Enterprises.

In 1978 WFLD signed before 6:00 AM daily and in 1975 the channel 32 got the local syndication rights to broadcast The Partridge Family, The Brady Bunch. Year in1977 It on aired the cartoons Tom and Jerry and Woody Woodpecker. In 1979 Fox 32 Chicago News acquired the rights to All in the Family, Happy Days, M*A*S*H programs and 1982 it added Wonder Woman, The Six Million Dollar man, star trek. The WFLD-TV beat the WGN -TV THROUGHOUT THE 1980s.

WFLD once again sold to Metromedia for over $100 million. It was remained top rated under the Metromedia ownership. Metromedia sold the Fox 32 Chicago News in May 1985 and its five stations to News Corporation for $2.55 billion which is possessed by Rupert Murdoch for $25.55 billion. On 9 October 1985 WFLD-TV become charter owned and operated stations of Fox broadcasting company, and it began their branding as Fox 32.

Its news department launched in August 1987, and its was the top-rated station in the evening hours. In 197 the station changes its branding from Fox 32 to Fox Chicago. WFLD is the first Fox-owned station which drops Fox’s Saturday children’s programming. They refreshed their website in 2009. Fox Chicago changed its branding after 15 years to Fox 32 on 12 November 2012.


WFLD Programming

Fox 32 Chicago carrying all Fox programs and also broadcast syndicated programs like The Wendy Williams, TMZ on TV, Dish Nation, Modern Family and The DR.Oz show. Weekdays and weekend popular programs listed in the table below.

Sr. No Programs Schedule
1 TMZ  4:00 AM
2 God day Chicago  4:30 AM
3 The Real  11:00 AM
4 Fox 32 news at noon  12:00 PM
5 Dr. Oz show  1:00 PM
6 Family Feud  2:00 PM
7 Dish Nation  4:30 PM
8 Fox news at 5P  5:00 PM
9 The Big Bang stories  6:00 PM
10 Exploration awesome planet Saturday At 9:00 AM
11 Stepmom Saturday At 2:00-4:00 PM
12 Wayward Pines Saturday At 7:00 PM
13 Laughs Saturday At 11:00 PM
14 Whacked out sports Sunday At 11:30 PM
15 Gothika Sunday At 12 PM


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