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Fox 2 News is broadcasting fromSan Francisco. its a channel (KTVU-TV) Fox owned and operated the television station in Oakland, California and serve the San Francisco Bay area. It belonging to Fox television station of 21st Century Fox. Fox 2 channel (KTVU ) work together with independent station KICU-TV( channel 36). These two stations shared their studio at Jack London Square in Oakland and its transmitter is in San Francisco at Sutro Tower.

In those areas of western United States where Fox station signal is not received even by cable television, then FFox 2 News San Francisco can be seen on Dish Network satellite service which is part of all American Direct’s distant network package. Its call letter meaning is Television for you. The station founded in June 1957. The channels of the Fox 2 (KTVU) station are digital 44 (UHF) and virtual 2 ( PSIP).

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Fox 2 News Live Stream – KTVU TV San Francisco

Watch Fox 2 News which is broadcasting from San Fransisco the United States of America. KTVU Tv channel online stream.

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Fox 2 News Live StreamFox 2 News Live Stream was first on aired on 3 March 1958 as an independent station. It was the second TV station that used the call signs of channel 2. Fox 2 ( KTVU) station started its operations with first live transmission from Oakland studio. At this time the station was owned by San Francisco-Oakland television Inc.

A group belonging to KFRC radio executives and Don Lee network William D.Pabst and Ward D. Ingrim and a business person Edwin W.Pauley.They almost sold the Fox 2 (KTVU -TV) to NBC in 1960, but a deal canceled due to NBC ownership of radio and television stations in Philadelphia. In 1963 July channel 2was sold to Miami Valley Broadcasting company for $12.3 million.

The channel acted as a superstition in 1977 run the Cox’s cable television network. For many years Fox 2 (kTVU) telecast the movies, sports, news, talk shows, religious programs, public affair. It competes with Primetime programs on NBC affiliated channel KRON-TV and ABC operated KGO-TV (channel 7). It was affiliated with Fox television network on 9 October 1986 and inaugurated the programming from night talk show The Late show. Under Fox and CoX enterprises, the station continued its working as Channel 2.Fox word-mark logo was included on the top line of KTVU circle laser 2 and also changed the channel branding KTVU Fox 2.

Channel 2 news fully complied with Fox station branding guidelines. The logo has been modified with box kite logo and placed next to Fox word mark. It is fully complied with Fox network on 8 February 2015


Fox 2 News Live Stream has on aired the wide variety of programs, locally produced programs, sports coverage and news programs. It is the largest newscast station in San Francisco which produced 59 3/4 hours broadcast in the week. Other programs of the station given in the table.

Sr. No Program Timing
1 Modern Family 2:00 AM
2 Jerry Seinfeld 3:00
3 Dish nation 4:00
4 TMZ 4:30
5 Fortunes in Flipping 5:00
6 The Dr Oz show 4:00 PM
7 Right this minute 5:00 PM
8 KTVU mornings 7:00 AM
14 Big Bang theory 10:00 PM
15 Brooklyn Nine -Nine 11:00 PM
16 New Girl 11:30 PM
17 Masterchef Wednesday at 11:00 PM
18 Rosewood Thursday at 11:00 PM
19 NFL preseason Football Friday at 10:00 PM
20 Sports stars of tomorrow Saturday at 6:00 PM
21 2016 U.S. Senior open Saturday at 2:00 PM
22 Friends Sunday at 4:00 AM
23 Elementary Sunday at 7:00 PM
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