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Fox News Channel is an American satellite and cable television network. Fox entertainment group possesses it. In 2015 February almost 94,700,000 US households can watch FOX News. The studio is located at 1211 Avenue of America; New York City, NY. It was formed Australian-American media mogul Rupert Murdoch and CEO of the channel was CNBC executive Roger Ailes. Now Rupert Murdoch is the current CEO. It is launched on 7 October 1996 on 17 million cable subscribers.

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Fox News Live StreamThe development of the network started in May 1985 when Marvin Davis announced to develop an independent stations to compete with ABC, CBS, NBC. In July 1985 20th Century Fox confirmed the Murdoch purchased of 50 percent Fox Filmed Entertainment.

FOX News History

It is the fourth successful network in the United States. Murdoch gained experience in 24 hours business (Sky News). On 31st January 1989, Murdoch announced the 24 hours News channel on satellite and cable in the U.S. Murdoch offered the Roger Ailes to join the Fox news channel when he left America’s Talking television channel. Finally, It was launched on 7 October 1996. Rolling news on the whole day consists of 20 minutes single topic like Fox on Politics, Fox on Crime and headlines

In evening Fox presented the opinion shows. They much focused on the visual presentation from the beginning.
it also shows the News Alert about the latest happening or any breaking news is announced. On 11 September 2001 during 9/11 attack Fox was the first news channel with news ticker on the bottom of the screen to inform the viewers about additional programming which the reporters may be missed.


Fox News is broadcasting up to 17 hours per day. Most programs broadcast from its New York headquarter (1211 Avenue of America)and other programs broadcast from Fox studio in Washington D.C. Schedule of programs given in the table.

Weekdays Program

Sr. NO Program Timing Category
1 Fox & Friends First 5:00AM Morning show
2 America’s Newsroom 9:00AM News&talk program
3 Happening Now 11:00AM Breaking stories of the day
4 Outnumbered 12:00PM Debating program
5 The Five 5:00PM Political program
6 Red Eye 2:00AM Night talk show
7 Shepard smith reporting 3:00PM Afternoon news
8 Hannity 11:00PM Political discussion program
9 The O Reilly Factor 8:00PM  Program

Weekends Program

Sr. NO Program Timing Category
1 Justice and Judge Jeanine Saturday at 12:00AM Sunday at 4:00AM Political and crime issues
2 The Greg Gutfeld show 1:00AM Talk show
3 Water’s World Saturday at 8:00PM Sunday at 3:00AM Comedy program
4 Fox and Friends weekend Sunday at 6:00AM Morning show
5 Legend and Lies Sunday at 11:00PM General program about war
6 The cost of freedom Saturday at 10 AM Biz Block
7 American news HQ At 12:00PM & At 4:00PM News program
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