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    10 Dead Due To Mass Shooting At Santa Fe High School, Texas

    Yet another school shooting occurred in US, at Santa Fe High School, in Galveston County, Texas. May 18, Friday, a terrible event went down at Santa Fe High. Mass shooting took place in the school, taking ten lives with it. The crisis transpired not long after the classes started for the day. Reportedly, between 7.30 […] More

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    Iowa’s Heartbeat Bill – Saving Lives or Sabotaging Women Rights?

    Iowan governor Kim Reynolds signed a bill that prohibits most abortions after sixth week of pregnancy. What is the heartbeat bill? This bill is being referred to as the “heartbeat bill,” which comes from a form of proposed abortion legislation in the United States of America, legally known as “fetal heartbeat bill.” This law bans […] More

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    Loyal Fans Save The Show Brooklyn Nine Revived by NBC

      After fox stifled the series right before its sixth season, fans worldwide went on a virtual protest against this ‘cruel’ decision, until NBC swooped in and saved the day. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a live-action sitcom first premiered in 2013, swiftly followed by a season 2. Though it didn’t gain record-breaking popularity, it is regarded […] More

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    Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour – A brilliant Success

    Taylor Swift is back with a bang! After a six months long hiatus following the release of the ‘Reputation’ album, Swift has once again stolen all the spotlight with her Reputation tour kick-off. May 8, Tuesday, a spectacular night went down in Glendale, Arizona, where Taylor stunned fans with Reputation tour opening night. Pop star […] More

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    U.S. Withdrawal From Iran Nuclear Deal A Milestone Or a Mistake

    On May 8, Tuesday, US President Donald Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal, formally known as Joint Comprehension Plan Of Action, JCPOA, making US’ position ‘uncertain’ in the world political affairs. In his pronouncement, Mr. Trump declared the landmark deal to be “defective at its core,” a pact that was formed and signed […] More

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    TV3 Malaysia Live

    TV3 is a Malaysian private television channel began its transmission on 1 June 1984. It is owned and run by the Media Prima Berhad. TV3 broadcast its transmission in English and Bahasa Malaysia in all over the world. The channel is best known for her soap Operas. Today TV3 broadcast its programming 24 hours in […] More

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    Historical Summit Between North And South Korean Leaders

    First time in the history it is happening that the leaders of South Korean and North Korea are sitting together after a long duration of decades, to sort out all the matters and these both presidents cross the lines which divide Korea into two portions. When the summit was started both of the leaders are […] More

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    Tokoyo – In Japan Transforming Robot Unveiled Latest Story

    On Wednesday in Tokyo, one of the most significant invention or theory or a dream come true when the unveiling of the transforming car takes place as this car is built in such way that it can quickly transform into a humanoid robot. This transforming robot is built by the CEO of Brave Robotics named […] More

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