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TV Tokyo Live Stream TV Tokyo Live Stream (株式会社テレビ東京) is an entertainment television channel located in Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo, Japan. It was founded on 1 July 1968 and also known as Teleto (テレ東Teretō?) The terebi and Tokyo together makes the key station of TX Network. Nihon KeizaiShimbun is the owner of the Channel and a project of TV Tokyo Holdings Corporation. TV Tokyo is one of the major television stations in Tokyo.

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Sr. No Contents Details
1 Launched Date 1 July 1968
2 Native Name 株式会社テレビ東京
3 Type Kabushiki geisha
4 Parent TV Tokyo Holdings Corporation
5 Headquarter Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo
6 Owner Nihon KeizaiShimbun
7 Country Japan
8 Number of employees 1422

TV Tokyo Live Stream was established in 1951 by Japan Science Promotion Foundation. The channel began broadcasting on 12 April 1964. On 1 July 1968 Tokyo channel 12 production was formed for the station. Tokyo channels 12 production starts broadcasting from Science foundation in October 1973. In 1981 the channel was renamed as Television Tokyo Channel 12. The company gained its current English name TV Tokyo Corporation on 25 June 2004. TV Tokyo shift headquarter to the new building at Sumitomo Fudosan Roppongi Grand Tower from its old studios in Toranomon 7 November 2016.

Sr. No Programs Category
1 TXN News News program
2 Nikkei special The Dawn of Gaia Economy program
3 E Morning News
4 Yasuhiro Tase’s Weekly News Bookstore (田勢康弘の週刊ニュース新書) News program
5 Beauty giants(美の巨人たち) Documentary program
6 7 Studio Bratch! Informative program
7 NEWS Answer News program
8 Ladies 4 Informative program
9 Nikkei special The Cambria Palace (日経スペシャルカンブリア宮殿) Economy program
10 Solomon flow (ソロモン流) Documentary program
11 News Morning Satellite News program
12 UEFA Europa League Sports program
13 World Business Satellite Business news
14 Ad-machickTengoku出没!アド街ック天国) Informative program
15 Winning Horse racing (ウイニング競馬) Sports program
16 Beauty giants (美の巨人たち) Documentary program
17 Aladdin Kids program
18 UEFA Champions League Sports program
19 Neo Sports Sports
20 101 Dalmatians: The Series Comedy children program
21 Sofia the First Fantasy/Adventure/Musica
22 Donkey Kong Country Children program
23 Enka no Hanamichi(演歌の花道) Musical program
24 MajisukaGakuen Drama series
25 24 TWENTY FOUR Season 5 Drama series
26 Ultimate Spider-Man Animated comedy cartoon series
27 Why Did You Come to Japan? Variety program
28 Stay at the countryside? Travel program
29 Asayan Variety show
30 Initial D Drama /sports
31 Hikaru no Go Psychological, Sports, Supernatural
32 Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Family animated TV series



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