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RTV Talaqie Syria LiveRTV Talaqie Syria is a Syrian television station founded in October 2012. The Headquarter of the channel situated in Damascus, Syria.  Officially the satellite TV channel Talaqie was launched on 20 May 2013 by Ministry of Information and RTV. The channel gives coverage to social, politics, national and economic issues. It can be seen in Europe and Arab world other than Syrian.

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Watch online RTV Talaqie TV Channel streaming that is telecasting live transmission from Syria. You can watch 24/7 hours online streaming.
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Sr. No Contents Details
1 Launched Date 6 October 2012
2 Country Syria
3 Headquarter Damascus
4 Language Arabic
5 Broadcast area Syria Europe Arab World


Satellite Availability
1 Express AM22 12549 H – 8800 – 3/4
2 Eutelsat 7 West A 11257 H – 27500 – 3/4


RTV Talaqie Syria Live broadcast programs in the Arabic language. Many social, political, economic, talk shows presented on the Syria situation. Some popular programs of the channel are listed below.

Sr. No Programs Schedule
1 لوكيشن (To Okishn) Wednesday
2 لدينا ما نقوله (We have what we say) Friday
3 أمانك (Or You are) Daily
4 بسمة أمل (Hope) Thursday
5 لوتس (Lotus) Daily
6 صوتك هو صوتك (Your voice is your voice) Daily
7 إنت معلم (You are a teacher) Daily
8 من القلب (from my heart) Sunday, Tuesday , Thursday
9 كاريكلام (Chariklam) Daily
10 فاصلة منقوطة (semicolon) Wednesday
11 ع الرصيف (P Side walk) Daily
12 صباح تلاقي (Convergence morning) Daily
13 يحدث اليوم (Happening Today) Daily
14 جريدة الصباح (Morning Newspaper) Daily
15 اكسترا تلاقي Extra Convergence) Thursday
16 صحافة اقتصادية (Business journalism) Tuesday
17 زوايا (Angles) Daily
18 قرطاس والقلم (Ply and pen) Daily
19 مواويل (Mawawil) Daily
20 شهود (Witnesses) Sunday
21 ساعة فلسطينية (Palestinian hour) Wednesday & Thursday
22 le shababi show Friday
23 غداً قد نلتقي (We may meet tomorrow) Thursday
24 الكرة حياتي (The ball of my life) Wednesday
25 لونغه (To Ongh) Daily
26 جيو بولتيك (Geo POULTEC) Friday
27 بانوراما (Panorama) Saturday
28 عرض وطلب (Supply and Demand) Sunday
29 اليوم الثامن (Eight Day) Saturday
30 بان شوت (Ban Shot) Tuesday
31 تا .. لاقي ريم (Ta .. visor for RIM) Daily
32 الصالون الأدبي (Literary saloon) Daily
33 بساط أحمدي   (Mat Ahmadi) Sunday
34 بين الشطرين (Between the two halves) Daily
35 قيد الإرسال (In transmission) Tuesday
36 سورية مسيرة انسان وحضارة   (Syrian man march of civilization) Saturday
37 شباب التغيير (Youth Change) Monday
38 عائدون (Returning) Friday
39 بكرا ألنا (Alana virgin) Wednesday
40 تلاقي FM (Convergence FM) Sunday

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