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WNBC is the flagship station of NBC television network located in New York. This channel is possessed by NBC Universal-owned television stations group. The studio of the station located with NBC’s corporate central office at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in Manhattan and transmitter atop the Empire state building. The station is a part of Telemundo-owned station WNJU (Channel 47) which also owned by Comcast subsidiary of NBC Universal. Currently, the studio of NBC 4 (WNBC) is on the 90th floor of one world trade center. It is the oldest licensed television station serve the United States. Where the channel is not reachable in the United States, it is available via Direct TV on satellite and Dish network. This station was founded on 1 July 1928 as the experimental station. The meaning of its call letters is the National Broadcasting company.

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Watch online NBC 4 New York News online streaming telecasting from New York. WNBC is a famous television channel from the united states.

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We are New York
We’re 4 New York
The Now (is here)

NBC 4 New York News Live StreamNBC 4 New York News Live Stream introduced by Radio Corporation of America in 1928. W2XBS used for interference and reception tests. The call signs W2XBS stand for W2XB South. The station was broadcast originally on 2.0and 2.1 frequencies in 1929. Felix, the cat, was the first image telecast from the station. First It broadcast on channel 1 and air the Broadway drama in 1938, live news, live college and Major League Baseball in 1939 and The Crooked Circle in 1940. W2XBS was licensed as commercial television station on 24 June 1941 with naming WNBT (NBC television).

It is one of the first fully commercially licensed television station in the United States. First program broadcast at 1:00 Pm by the opening ceremony with a National Anthem of America is The Star-spangled Banner. WNBT originally broadcast on channel 1 and full commercial transmission was started on 1 July 1941. The station call signs were changed on 18 October 1954 to WRCA-TC, and it broadcast on Channel 4 on 22 May 1960.

NBC New York Live Streaming started the late-night program in 1953. The suffix TV dropped from its call signs on 1 June 1992 and its call WNBC as its sister radio station. It also recognized now with slogan 4 New York. Statio n again rebranded as NBC 4 on 5 September 2008. In March 2008 it got the 4 New York branding. On 11 September after an attack the transmitter facilities of the station destroyed. NBC 4 New York News and some other NBC-affiliated stations offered the live web-based streaming in February 2015.


NBC 4 New York News broadcast the 34 hours newscast in a week and produced the half-hour sports highlight on Sunday. 11:00 PM news was started by NBC 4( WNBC) on 6 June 2016. It broadcast many other programs like entertainment, talk shows, comedy programs on its subchannel 4.2 Cozi TV. Currently, WNBC was the station of New York Giants football games.

Sr. No Programs Timing
1 Today in New York At 4:30AM At 6:00AM
2 Today At 7:00AM
3 2016 summer Olympics At 10:00AM
4 News 4 New York at 5 At 5:00PM
5 NBC 4 news at 6 At 6:00PM
6 NBC nightly news with Lester Holt At 6:30PM
7 Access Hollywood At 7:00PM
8 The Olympic zone At 7:30PM
9 NBC 4 New York at 11 At 12:00PM
10 Open House Saturday at 5:30AM
11 On the money Sunday at 5:30AM

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