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LBCI Lebanon Live Stream LBCI (Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International المؤسسةاللبنانيةللإرسالانترناسيونال‎‎) is a news and entertainment television channel based in Lebanon. It was founded in 1992 and entity established in 1985 by acquiring assets, logos during Lebanese Civil War by the Lebanese Forces.

LBCI is the number one television of Lebanon. LBCI is possessed by a prominent businessman group of Lebanon. The channel began broadcasting globally in 1996 after launched its satellite channel with name Al-Dahabiya. Al-Lubnaniya (الفضائيةاللبنانية‎‎) provide coverage to America, Australia, Europe and the Arab world.

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El-DuniaAlwan (Arabic: الدنياألوان‎‎)


General Information

Sr. NoContentsDetails
1Launched DateAugust 23, 1985
3OwnerGroup of Lebanese businessmen
4TypeBroadcast and television network
6Broadcast areaLebanon Americas Middle East Australia Europe Africa
7CEO& ChairmanPierre El Daher


Cable Availability
1NumericableChannel 715
2Freebox TVChannel 759

LBC Lebanon Live Stream was founded in 1985, but at that time it was militarily and financially weakened by Lebanese civil war. After ended the war leader Samir Geagea was imprisoned in 1994. Then Pierre El Daher in 1992 founded LBCI with other shareholders and registered the channel at the Commercial Register of Baabda.

The LBCsat was launched in April by them, a free satellite channel. Founder of LMH CompanySalehKamel (Lebanese Media Holding, owner of 49% of LBC SAT and Pac’sshares) and Al Waleed bin Talal replaced Kamel in LMH in 2003.

Al-Waleed Bin Talal became the largest shareholder after acquiring majority assets in PAC (a content provider for both LBCI and LBC SAT). Rupert Murdoch in 2010 joined these two groups LBC Sat and PAC and merged with Rotana.

LBC SAT and AL HAYAT at the end of 2002 joined their news program. LBC SAT daily news bulletin was called the “Al-Hayat-LBC SAT news bulletin”, but it ended in 2010. It was the era of the channel after the war.


LBCI is a local channel in Lebanon and broadcasts a variety of programs for their viewers including talk shows, drama series, news and reality television shows under different branding. Some notable programs of the channel are listed below

Sr. NoprogramsCategory
1AhmarBelKhat El Arid (أحمربالخطالعريض)Social talk show
2Star Academy Arab worldMusical show
3The Winner IsAmerican game show
4The VoiceNews program
5Top Chef Middle EastReality television Competition
6BasmatWatan (ب س م ا ت و ط ن‎‎)Political satire/comedy program
7Kids PowerChildren program
8The Brothers GruntAnimated television series
9Celebrity Duets Arab WorldAmerican musical program
10Splash!British television series
11SurvivorEntertainment /Reality competition
12Miss LebanonFrench TV show
13KalamEnnasTalk Show
14Miss UniverseBeauty show
15Beirut I Love YouLebanese television/web-series
16EbniLebanese drama series
17Amir El LeilRomantic drama series
18Talbin el erebLebanese drama series
19SarahFamily television series
20Harim AL Sultan 3Turkish historical series
21Bab IdrissLebanese historical series
22Ghazl el banetComedy series

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