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    Historical Summit Between North And South Korean Leaders

    First time in the history it is happening that the leaders of South Korean and North Korea are sitting together after a long duration of decades, to sort out all the matters and these both presidents cross the lines which divide Korea into two portions. When the summit was started both of the leaders are […] More

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    Trump’s Legal Team of Lawyers Prepares For Showdown With Robert Mueller

    The teams of lawyers of President Donald Trump are now legally ready to face the allegations presented by Robert Mueller against the trump, and most of the charges are very sensitive. But now the lawyers of Donald Trump are fully prepared for a showdown in the court according to CNN report. As everybody knows that […] More

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    Tokoyo – In Japan Transforming Robot Unveiled Latest Story

    On Wednesday in Tokyo, one of the most significant invention or theory or a dream come true when the unveiling of the transforming car takes place as this car is built in such way that it can quickly transform into a humanoid robot. This transforming robot is built by the CEO of Brave Robotics named […] More