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Fox 25 News Boston (WFXT) , Virtual Channel 25 and UHF digital channel 31 is Fox related televisions stations, situated in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. The studio of WFXT is present on Fox Drive in Dedham and transmitter is on Cabot Street in Needham. The owner of the station is Cox Media group. It is the sixth television stations that you can see in whole Canada by Satellite (Bell TV) and through cable (EastLink). It is the largest Fox-affiliated station that is not operated by the network. Its call letters means are Fox Television. It is working for the branding Fox 25 or Fox News 25. Its first air date is 10 October 1977.

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WFXT station has the slogan “Compete new England news coverage.


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History of Fox 25 News

Fox 25 News Boston LiveWFXT was aired first time as an independent station on 10 October 1977 as WXNE-TV. Founder of the station was Christian broadcasting network. In beginning the station run the religious programs six hours a day in the week and a whole day of Sunday. Other programs presented by Fox 25 News Boston are older movies, Family oriented drama series, old shorts film.

In 1980 The station limited the religious programs. Under CBN ownership Tim Robertson served the programs director. During 1980 the station added some more programs like family dramas, weekday bowling program Candlepins for Cash. The rebranded as Boston 25 in 1983 as the true independent station.

>Fox 25 News Boston runs two advertising campaigns to compete with other independent stations from 1985-1987. WXNE -TV was sold to News Corporation in October 1987 but it did not on air the Fox inaugural program. Fox changed the name of the station into WFXT. It was the seventh Fox-owned station Fox 25 News is the first station in the England which served as owned and operated station of the commercial network.

At this time the WFXT also produced the Fox tabloid magazine A current Affair on weeknights. Till 1988 the station did not manage to acquire the better-syndicated programs, however in 1988, it buys two famous syndicated show Hollywood Squares and Entertainment Tonight. In 1989 Fox sold the station to Boston Celtics which make the WFXT as NBA team flagship station. Under NBA, the station got high-profile syndicated programs like The Cosby show.

In 1990 WFXT began produced more reality programs. On June 24, 2014, WFXT was traded to Cox Media group by Fox and its sister station WHBQ-TV. It is the largest Fox affiliates station in the Boston. Fox 25 News Boston ended the Fox O&O style branding and introduced a new logo and on-air appearance on 27 October 2015.

Programming of Fox 25 News Boston

Other than Fox network schedule, Fox 32 broadcast through WFXT syndicated programs like The Simpsons, TMZ, The Dr. Oz show. Fox 25 news channel on air the 64 1/2 hours newscast each week, 10 1/2 hours on weekdays and 6 1/2 hours on Sunday and 5 1/2 hours on Saturday.

WFXT is the longest news-producing station in the Boston market and Massachusetts. For weather news, the channel use live National Weather service radar data which taken from a radar site at NWS weather forecast office in Taunton. The WFXT started morning newscast in September 2015. Schedule of weekdays and weekend programs are given below.

Weekdays Programs

Sr. no Programs Schedule
1 The Simpsons 12:00AM
2 The insider 12:30AM
3 Right this minute 10:00AM
4 The Wendy William show 11:00AM
5 The Dr.Oz show 1:00PM
6 TMZ 2:00PM
7 Entertainment Tonight 7:00PM
8 MasterChef 8:00PM

Weekend Programs

Sr.No Programs Schedule
1 The Closer 12:00AM
2 Paid Program 2:00-5:00PM 11:00-12:30PM
3 The Insider 5:30AM
4 Fox 25 Weekend Morning news 6.00-9:00AM
5 Fox news Sunday with chris wallace 10:00AM
6 Mass star TV show 1:00PM
7 Wedding Daze 2:00PM
8 NHRA Drag Racing 4:00PM
9 Bob’s Burger 7:30PM
10 Fox 25 sports wrap up 11:30PM
11 Wayward Pines Saturday 8:00PM
12 Bones Saturday at 4:00PM
13 The young icons Saturday at 2:30PM
14 FAB life Saturday at 2:00AM

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