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ERT1 Greece Live StreamERT1 (EllinikíRadiophoniaTileórasi 1) called in Greek EPT1. Formerly it was known as ET1 (EllinikíTileórasi 1) which is the network of ERT Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation.  ERT1 founded in 1966 as EIRT. At that time it was cultural and entertainment channel.  However, many documentaries, news, sports and children programs were also produced by the channel. It was closed by the government in 2013 and reopened on 11 June 2015 with the name ERT1. Recently ERT 1 is considered one of the famous Greek channels which more focus on sports and news.  It broadcast its programs in Greece language internationally.

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Sr. No Contents Details
1 Launched date 23 February 1966
2 Owner ERT
3 Country Greece
4 Language Greece
5 Headquarter Athens
6 Broadcast area Internationally
7 Picture Format 16:9, 576i (SDTV)
8 Sister Channels ERT2 ERT World ERT HD ERT3

First time on 23 February 1966 ERT 1 was established as part of the National Radio and Television Foundation. The transmission of the channel was started on27 February launched and it was the first television channel in Greece which has concerned towards Armed forces only. T

he government proposed to close channel on 18 August 2011 and broadcast its programs to NET and ET3. On 11 June 2013, the channel went off. The Government reopened the channel in 2015 after two years and also changed its name from ET1 to ERT1.

Sr. No Former Channel name Duration
1 EIRT 1966-1975
2 ERT 1975-1982
3 ERT 1 1982-1987
4 ET 1 1987-1993
5 ENA 1993-1994
6 ET 1 1994-2013
7 ERT 1 2015- Present


Satellite Availability
1 OTE TV Channel 103
2 NOVA Greece Channel 102
Terrestrial Availability
3 DVB-T Channel 01
4 OTE TV Channel 103

ERT1 recently on air the foreign shows, documentaries, news programs, talk shows and cultural shows. The channel show live many sports events. Name of some programs given in the table.

Sr. No Programs Category
1 ERT FOCUS Night news program
2 Ta stekia Documentary series
3 Studio 3 New magazine program
5 StaAkra Talk show
6 H MHXANH TOY XRONOY Documentary series
7 Directly on 10 Weekly news program
8 PROINI ZONI Morning show
9 On ERT Afternoon news program
10 PROSOPIKA Stories of remarkable people
11 AthilitikiKyriaki Sports program
13 European Qualifiers Greek matches
14 Uefa Champions League Wednesday matches
15 UEFA Euro 2016 All matches live
16 Euroleague Basketball Sports program
17 UEFA Europa League Final match and only highlights of rest matches
18 Eurovision Song Contest Song contest
19 BibliaStoKouti Educational program
20 Fotosfaira Cultural show
21 Hotel Triton Musical program
22 Dolce Vita Entertainment program
23 Logomaxies Game show
24 Mediterraneo Travel program
25 MousikiParadosi Greece musical program
26 Se Χrono ΤV Informative show
27 Bouli Ton Ellinon Political program
28 Ehoume Kai Leme Daily talk show
29 ΕkpaideutikiThleorasi Educational program
30 Logo Timis Financial news
31 StonKosmo Tis Oikonomias Economic and financial news



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