Trump’s Meeting with Kim

Trump’s Meeting With Kim Will Lead To An Awful Hangover

The fundamental purpose of the meeting between North Korea’s president Kim Jong Un and American president Donald Trump is to eliminate the threat of North Korea nuclear weapons, but everything is doomed before the meeting was started.

As there is nothing wrong inherently with all the negotiations going on with North Korea, but the other side there are chances that the administrations of Donald Trump found that. The results of all these negotiations in the future is that there will be fewer benefits to them along with all the allies if America and the maximum amount of interests are on the side of North Korea.

Further, the most significant disadvantage to United States America is that the administration unit of Donald Trump has no proper strategy that how they will tackle North Korea and be able to get more advantages. But on the other side, the administration unit of North Korea’s president Kim Jong Un has proper policy and brilliant strategy to deal with America and that a pretty lousy news form America along with its allies which are depending on this deal.

As the pain of the first day is that on the first day Trump and Kin Jong will talk to each other, but the twist is that before the beginning of this secession the United States has given a legitimation Pyongyang to the North Korea that has sought for decades.

While on the other side the perspective of North Korea is this that in the meeting which will hold between the leaders of North Korea and the United States and the result of the negotiations is equal at both end is a big win as there no duration is set for the negotiations period.

Further, Donald Trump said that if he feels that the president of North Korea is not serious and he is not bothering the statements of Donald Trump. Then the step taken by the US president is that he will walk out from the meeting because he doesn’t want stay at that place where there is no importance of his statement.

Moving onwards, Donald Trump said that he does not walk out instantly from the meeting fist he will judge all the situation and gives a chance to Kin Jong Un, That he will listen to the points provided from the end of Trump. If will not get serious at that time too then he will walk out from the meeting and don’t sign any contract with North Korea.

Now the situation is this that North Korea has the most prominent incentive to reduce the tension in the region by stopping its nuclear weapon test but on the other side, the internal atmosphere of the country is entirely under control of the higher leadership of North Korea.

On the other side, the leadership of North Korea defends their point of using nuclear weapons by saying this that these nuclear weapons are the part of their primary defense and they will not compromise on the use of them. Further, they said that they could do favor that they will freeze the testing of long-range nuclear weapons.

For more information you can check out CNN news on this story.

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