Trump’s Legal Team of Lawyers Prepares For Showdown With Robert Mueller

The teams of lawyers of President Donald Trump are now legally ready to face the allegations presented by Robert Mueller against the trump, and most of the charges are very sensitive. But now the lawyers of Donald Trump are fully prepared for a showdown in the court according to CNN report.

As everybody knows that Robert Mueller has prepared a report against the present president of America Donald Trump in this report, he preset many points that how the President of America uses the law to give favor to its personality.

Along with this in this report, one of the significant points was that how Trump hires people according to his will and to full fill his personal will he disobey many laws which are illegal. Further one of the most significant point described in the brief report presented by the Robert Mueller was that how Donald Trump fire the Comey the FBI director.

Now the team of lawyers of Donald Trump also prepared a brief report of answers to the questions asked by Robert Mueller along with this they also describe the reasons behind the acts performed by the President.

Now it’s time for a showdown in the Supreme Court where these two opposite personalities stand against each other and present their points with the avoidances to proof that they have they have the valid reason behind the acts.

While the point of the team of lawyers of Donald Trump is that they have to tell Robert Mueller about the power of President and they have prepared a brief charge sheet to defend their point and to say to the world that what are the necessary capabilities of President America has.

There are very few chances that Donald Trump Sit voluntary in front of Robert Mueller to give the answers of the questions asked by Robert Mueller along with he also has to describe the reasons behind the acts performed by him which are part of the list of illegal actions performed by the present president of America.

Now the situation is this that Donald Trump refuses to give a voluntary interview to Robert Mueller than the prosecutors has the right to create an issue of a subpoena compelling testimony.

When this debate was stated that the first ever leaked portion of the report of Robert Mueller was published in the famous newspaper of America which was named as New York Times when this piece of the story was leaked it spread a wave of shock that what is going on in the mind of Robert Mueller.

After that Donald Trump decided to reply the leaked portion of the report and he uses the twitter to answer to the public, but that was not enough after that Robert Mueller came on the front foot and presented his whole list of allegations on the Donald Trump.

Now the situation is this that the legal team of Lawyers of Donald Trump said that the President of America would like to give an interview to Robert Mueller but only under the right terms and conditions otherwise, the situation will go worst as Trump is now ready for the interview.

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