Tokoyo – In Japan Transforming Robot Unveiled Latest Story

On Wednesday in Tokyo, one of the most significant invention or theory or a dream come true when the unveiling of the transforming car takes place as this car is built in such way that it can quickly transform into a humanoid robot.

This transforming robot is built by the CEO of Brave Robotics named as Kenji Ishida is one of those people who work on their dreams and they believe ideas can exist in real life but, they need some effort. You can watch the video for more information.

Kenji Ishida is one of the biggest fans of anime, and he is always working on creating some new and unique thing which was just available in anime or such science fiction movies this motivation of this CEO never gives him a break, and he was continued moving forward to develop some new gadgets.

Kenji Ishida named this transforming car as “J-despite RIDE,” and the highlighted features of this are that it is a sports car and it just takes the only duration of 60 seconds to transform from a vehicle into a humanoid robot.

As the high of this “J-despite RIDE” is 3.7 meters or 12 feet and like all the other sports cars, it can carry two passengers. And this car soon available in the market for the sale, so every person who can afford this car buy it, and full fill its dream to ride into a transforming vehicle.

When Kenji Ishida was giving an interview to a TV channel, he said that when I was growing up I always thinking about the capacity of the robot that what they can do and how far they can go and this will of mine becomes my motivation.

Further, he said that this motivation leads me to this point to create a transforming car and this is my reward that now successfully I had created this robot and far soon it will be available in the market for the public.

Besides all that Kenji Ishida also said that many people don’t take it as a car the deal it like it is an expensive toy which they can buy and full fill their childhood dream like I did by creating this robot and I am delighted that finally, my idea comes true.

The concept of transforming car is ancient, and this concept is used by many films one of the globally famous cinema is Transformer, and this film is based on this concept that vehicles are turning into humanoid robots.

After the release of this film, many people woke up every day with this hope that soon they will witness a transforming car in their grade and now it is the time when people can buy this car robot and enjoy their dream.

The advanced feature of this robot is that it is an entirely functioning car and it can full fill all the requirements of its owner when it was acting as a car along with this when it transforms into a robot it also walks and obeys the commands.

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