Loyal Fans Save The Show Brooklyn Nine Revived by NBC


After fox stifled the series right before its sixth season, fans worldwide went on a virtual protest against this ‘cruel’ decision, until NBC swooped in and saved the day.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a live-action sitcom first premiered in 2013, swiftly followed by a season 2. Though it didn’t gain record-breaking popularity, it is regarded as a classic among devoted fans, holding Live+7 ratings.

Ghost Show

A surprising number of regular TV watching public is mysteriously oblivious to this top-notch, hilarious show’s existence. So obviously, right now they are questioning the uproar over a show’s cancellation which “isn’t even famous.”

Let us introduce you to it


Revolving around police department, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a masterpiece of ingenuity and versatility, which opens a voyeuristic window into a cop’s life.

Charming cast members include Terry Crews, everyone’s favorite, in the role of Detective Terry. The protagonist Detective Jacob Peralta, aka Jake, is played by a handsome, goofy, Andy Samberg. This series also cast two Latinas for its central characters.

Regarding this particular unconventional move by the production, Melissa Fumero let on, “It was something that my co-star Stephanie (Beatriz) and I couldn’t believe – that they hired two Latinas. At that time, that never happened. We thought one of us was going to get fired, for sure.”

Guillermo del Toro describes the characters as “fully human, beautiful, powerful, flawed, vulnerable and majestic.” He further gravely demanded the show’s revival.

LGBT support

Brooklyn Nine-Nine endorses LGBT+ and supports its rights, introducing us to two badass gay characters. Thus, the show is doubtlessly a popular favorite when it comes to LGBT works in show business.

Other than that, this production also addresses important issues with its own appealing, humorous twist, has a beautiful and diverse cast, and is inoffensively hilarious.

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Definitely not a run-of the-mill show.

Ratings versus love from a loyal fanbase

Although Brooklyn Nine-Nine received quite well-deserved Golden Globe Award and Creative Arts Emmy Award twice, and massive appreciation from fans, its ratings weren’t too high.

Cases like this are often observed; the ratings of a series clash with the enormous acclaim associated with it.

And then it happened


Fox announced May 10, Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s elimination from the television network. This added up to a list of other public favorite hit shows that have been canceled on them; “Quantico,” “Designated Survivors,” and “Lucifer.”

Fans did not take this lightly. After receiving the bombshell, they were left harrowed and upset. Grief and outrage were expressed all over the internet, fans and celebrities alike.

A sad and reluctant goodbye was offered by Backstreet Boys to the show, thanking it “for the memories.”

Judging from the online outcry, it is evident that fans were just not ready to let go of their favorite show. An online petition was also started as a plea to revive Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The show is saved, and so are the fans

NBC stepped in with the thrilling news; Brooklyn Nine-Nine taken up by NBC Entertainment, promising a season 6, much to the joy of the series’ intent viewers.

Victory shall be ours

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s cast displayed utmost gratitude and joy; a true sense of winning.

“We have the best fans!” declared Fumero, trailing it with a string of celebrating tweets.

The lead actor, Andy Samberg sent in a heartfelt thank you message for the fans. “It means the world to us. It wouldn’t have happened without you.”

Needless to say, fans are overjoyed.

But they want more

A number of people are calling out responsible networks for this absurd injustice; monotonous and painfully long series such as “The Big Bang Theory” are still being aired while interesting and creative new shows get thrown into the dumpster. Many cancelled shows are being demanded to be revived. On top of the shows’ renewal demands list is Lucifer.

Fans saved Brooklyn Nine-Nine, there’s a good chance that their other favorites can be saved too, or at least some of them, with some luck.

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